Grade Level Placement

1 Grade 1 6-7 year olds 6 by 30 September of the current school year
2 Grade 2 7-8 year olds 7 by 30 September of the current school year
3 Grade 3 8-9 year olds 8 by 30 September of the current school year
4 Grade 4 9-10 year olds 9 by 30 September of the current school year
5 Grade 5 10-11 year olds 10 by 30 September of the current school year
6 Grade 6 11-12 year olds 11 by 30 September of the current school year


Admission Requirements

As an all-inclusive school, BMS admits all children of all nationalities irrespective of their creed, race, religion, colour, dialect, sex, disability or background.

All admission requirements must be met on or a few days prior to child’s first day at school.


  • An enrollment form must be completed for each child
  • A physician’s health statement and current immunization record must be provided
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate.
  • A signed copy of the authorization for emergency medical care must be completed and signed.
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate.
  • Passport pictures of parents or guardians and members who will be in charge of bringing and picking the child school each day must be provided.


Application & Registration Fees

Fees once paid is non – refundable once an application is accepted.

Note: Should fees be paid and for one reason or the other child is unable to attend school for a period this would not be pro–rated and applied towards subsequent tuition payments.


Tuition is charged for a term and guarantees your child a space at school.

Sibling discount

A tuition discount of 30% for a third child’s tuition is available to families with more than two children currently enrolled at BMS.

Special Activities

Activities and programmes such as field trips, theme parties etc. may be offered at an additional charge.

Vacation Care

A pro–rated fee is applied during vacations. The school is usually opened to admit wards of busy parents during school recessions.

Note: No vacation care during the Christmas festive season.

Payment Options

BMS accepts payment of tuition and fees in the form of personal cheques, direct deposits, mobile money payments and via other electronic means. Cash is also accepted.

100% to 70% of tuition must be paid on or before the beginning of a new term and the remaining right after mid-terms.


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