BMS started in May 1999 as the usual creche, nursery and Kindergaten School caring for children from the ages of 3 months to 6 years. In 2004, we converted to the Montessori system. 

We are located in a middle – income community in the Ga North District, which is New Achimota. Bambino admits children of all nationalities irrespective of their creed, religion, dialect and background. 

In 2017, our primary was birth. After careful thought and consideration for the challenges parents go through during the transitional phase of their wards to primary, the Governing body of BMS though it fit and ripe to start its own Primary as the foundation given to these little ones was good and the testimonies given by past students was encouraging.



Expert teachers

We have experienced teachers who have integrated, interrelated subject knowledge and understanding built around general principles.

Educational trips

Educational trips contribute to better student outcomes in school and beyond. We organise trips to various destinations for students to gain valuable learning experience outside of the classroom.

Online lessons

BMS now has an online portal for all students. Boost your skills and discover cool activities for your class. Go through lessons and submit assignments.

Exceptional environment

We have a clean and well-organised environment that is conducive to learning and a safe learning environment for students.


In this section you'll find our latest news


Last week of class for Upper Pre-School and Primary

This is the last week of class for Upper Pre-School and Primary. End of term assessment starts from 27th. July to 31st July.


BMS Online Portal is now live

BMS is now offering an easy and accessible way for everyone to learn a new skill and an opportunity to invest in knowledge whiles at home.

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